Lands Together

Season II: Episode 1. The Dwarven Peril, Part Duex

Descending into the dark depths in search of the Dwarves of Shallowdeep, The Heroes of time prepared for any horror that awaited them, come hell or harsh fate. After a short descent down a dangerously old elevator the heroes emerged into an almost ancient system of tunnels. Unshaken by the forboding atmosphere they marched bravely through the tunnel until they came to a split, the tunnel continued on one way while a new tunnel of fancier design proceeded the other. After a short discussion they decided it best to scout the tunnel inlaid with obsidian as to not be caught off guard while walking down the other. Romero bravely volunteered to scout ahead. The tunnel jutted into several turns and side passages, but Romero stuck to the main hall following it down until discovering some unnatural creatures holding a discussion in a strange language. To be continued…

Journey to Shallowdelve

Third Session

It wasn’t long before they found a city that lay in ruin. Nuli informed them that this meant they were headed in the right direction. They found nothing of interest in the town, but rested for a bit before continuing. The group fought fiercely against the tentacle monster. Their final companion Phillip Lammar arrived just as the battle was finishing, but alas, met his doom. With a final swing of his tentacles, the monster grabbed Phillip and took him down into the depths. As he was descending to his watery grave, Phillip cried, “Go on without me!” before disappearing. The group did as he requested, unsure of whether their friend would survive. As they continued on, Massack picked up some pieces of the severed monster flesh for a “souvenir”. With one last prayer for Phillip, they continued their trek to Shallowdelve.

As the tunnel they were in continued, it opened up to a large, lit room. A few of the members of Aeon’s Inquisition stood on both sides of a canyon. A rope bridge connected both sides and it could be seen that they were all cautious when crossing. Romero and Giles decided to use their rogueish ways to find out why these men were here and dispose of them. Massack caused a distraction by throwing a stone into the water below. This disturbed the monster, striking fear into the Inquisition.

Romero moved swiftly for a creature of his stature, killing 2 men that were in buildings. He took down another one before a third brought him inside another building with more guards. They were no match for him, the body count rising. Meanwhile, Giles snuck into another building which had one man standing in the window. Using her hat, she stole the mans face as she entered the room. A shuriken in the back was not enough to drop this foe. However, the shock of seeing his own face on his murder was enough to leave him defenseless. Giles finished him quickly and stole his robes.

The one that got away informed the rest of the Inquisition of the danger on the other side. Massack and Darkangel prepared to destroy the bridge. As the group defended itself from the attack, Giles, still disguised as the priest, ran across the bridge and faced their enemy head on. She managed to take down a few of them, and her companions thought this was surely a suicide mission. But they underestimated her. Sprinting across the bridge she dodged their fire and caught a glimpse of a gigantic turtle beginning to spout water at her. Thinking fast she grabbed the bridge ropes, leaned back tilting the wood of the bridge at the water spout, and deflecting it harmlessly. With a self satisfied grin she hurried across the bridge as the leader shouted for his guards to kill the “traitor.” As the battle raged now on both sides of the bridge, the human guards were slain and a seriously injured Romero, inspired by Giles act of deftness, charged to cross the bridge as well. Halfway across, the enormous turtle leaped from the water and, snapping the bridge, gobbled up Romero. Not noticing Romero’s plight or perhaps to focused on her own, Giles nimbly avoided the attacks of the Inquisition as Immeral worked his arcane magic, smiting them one by one. In turn, Massack and Lyntheril still covered in the blood of the Inquisition from that side of the bridge rushed in to assist Darkangel and Immeral who were being harrassed by floating orbs of metal. Darkangel, felling one as Massack arrived, gave him a nod and rushed to the cliff to aid Romero, only to be met by another giant leap from the turtle. Grabbing Darkangel in its jaws, it was seen that Romero was layed unconscious before a nest of eggs. Darkangel decided it best to play possum until he was close enough to help his friend. Once his plan came to fruition, the turtle quickly charged the threat near her eggs and the two warriors fended off her attacks as best they could. Massack, hearing the battle sounds of his friends in trouble, howled driving Lyntheril through the orb and then charged, making a mad leap over the side of the cliff. Leading with Lyntheril, he peirced the turtle deep as he landed and placed himself between it and his friends. Taking in the situation and seeing that the monster was a creature of the wild protecting and working to feed its young, Massack intimidated it, holding Lyntheril threateningly and urging the others to go and leave the beast. After the other two were clear, he headed up himself leaving the beast to recover and hopefully hatch a new generation.

In A Same New World

Second Session

The Heroes of Time, emerging from their century were met with a shocking vision of a town. They found themselves in an alley way surrounded by buildings so high they blocked out the sun. Above head flying metallic things zoomed over head faster then even the most perceptive of the bunch could keep track of. Feeling overwhelmed with no homes left to go to the party decided that the best thing to get a grip on things would be a round of strong drinks. They came upon the Cracked Mug bar and proceeded to enter only to face further shock. The pub was relatively quiet yet all the tables were occupied. The only real noise was coming from a rowdy strong bunch by the bar. As the group stood in the door way surveying the room Massack and Darkangel decided to approach the rowdy bunch. Coming up to the bar Massack patted a 8 foot lizard man on the back, greeted him and demanded the barkeep bring him a drink. The lizard’s reaction was far from favorable, and after a few back and forth quips, the big guy got fed up and punched Massack square in the face, knocking him back a few feet. Assuming Massack’s reaction the group rushed to stop the fight. Giles, in the guise of a lizard woman, rushed in between and asked the lizard to stop. Darkangel also joined in and attempted to bribe the lizard to not fight. Massack wiped a small bit of blood from the corner of his lip and laughed, then turned to the barkeep and continued demanding his drink.

In the mean time, Romero and Immeral took a surveying of the bar. There were about 5 tables with different groups of people keeping quiet to themselves. Romero noticed a dwarf sitting in the corner booth sipping a pint, and walked over. After a quick conversation with the dwarf Nuli Bronzewelt, a job was proposed for the group. He needed their help to rescue the remnants of his clan from a group of goblin mercenaries at their home, Shallowdelve. It was a 3-day journey West of the bar they were in, but Romero and Immeral agreed that they should accept.

Meanwhile, Darkangel and the lizard man began to speak. He learned the lizard man was named Blackspine who led a group of mercenaries, Blackspine’s Brawlers, and worked for Aeon. He was currently inbetween jobs. Darkangel, trying to match the stories of his new companion, spoke of the group’s own battle with Aeon. However, one of the other people at the bar snuck away while the group was else occupied and informed the Inquisition of the party. Excusing themselves from their respective conversations, the group shared their information and came to an agreement that they would help the dwarf.

Suddenly, the doors to the bar burst open and several members of the Inquisition ordered the occupants to drop their weapons and get down on the ground. The group decided to draw their weapons and fight while everyone else snuck out or did as they were told. Romero and Immeral took Nuli to a door behind the bar while everyone else held off the Inquisition. They found the door led to a kitchen and Nuli led them to a cold room with an escape to the sewer in it. Immeral and Romero returned to aid their companions. Covering their tracks, the party submerged themselves in the sewers below town.

Heading in a westerly direction, the group was soon detected by more of the metal monsters. Romero thought it might be a good idea to hide in the sewage, which contained, among other things, feces of an whatever species lived in this strange place. After catching a whiff of the stuff he was in, he decided to return to the path of his companions. Everyone kept a good distance from him while they continued walking.

After destroying the metal monsters, they took a tunnel, some of the less fortunate members slid down the tunnel, into a room of trash and sewage. Like clockwork, the room began to close around them. Nuli informed them it was a “trash compactor”. They only had minutes to escape through the only door in the room. With the help of her companions, Giles managed to pick the lock. A room with more unknown gadgetry was before them. They continued on to find themselves in a “water purification center”. Some of the party decided to spite the town they had left and bathed in the water supply before they followed a river a bunch of caves that led directly to Shallowdelve.

The river soon expanded into a large pond. Immeral, Giles, and Romero decided to take the small boat they found in the pond across, while Nuli, Darkangel, and Massack continued on foot at the water’s edge. IT wasn’t long till the boat’s disturbance of the water caused a giant tentacle monster to emmerge. Immeral and Giles fey stepped to safety with their friends, leaving Romero cursing and stranded in the boat. Throwing him some rope, they towed the boat to shore and prepared to fight the monster…

so stef updated to the best of stef’s ability. feel free to add more, change details, or else just say it’s awesome the way it is :-)

Battle for The Heart of Darkness

First Session

The party found themselves in the tower of the Dragon Queen, seeking to destroy the Heart of Darkness and unwittingly leading Aeon straight to it. Upon reaching the Temple, Aeon had cut them off, pittng the stalwart adventurers against several of His minions before finally encountering them in the tattered ruins of the Heart Tower. In the guise of the fallen King, Aeon summoned fell minions to destroy the party, their shadowed forms twisting away from blades and cruelly shredding tender flesh. Immeral, however, made quick work of most of them with a Force Orb centered at the foulest beast in the center of all of them. Massack and the others charged Aeon and the God endured the relentless barrage, seemingly unaware of the physical damage the group was doing to him. it was Michael Darkangel, with the Holy Armour of the Source, that purified the King’s body from the darkness that claimed it. A black, amorphous ooze creeped out of the body of the late King and made its way up into the tower’s dizzying heights. The party made their way to the second floor, this time getting the step up on Aeon and taking him down in a matter of seconds. Aeon fled skyward, materializing into the shape of a gigantic spider, while Romero, deathly afraid of spiders, retreated to the stairway upward, to deal with the heart himself, his intentions unknown. Ever alert, Aeon withdrew from the battle to confront Romero, snatching the bugbear in His arms. “GIVE ME THE HEART!” Aeon rasped, staring into the assassin’s eyes with primal rage. The party knew there was no way to destroy the heart without Aeon out of the picture, so they continued to fight on. Aware of the sudden urgency the situation had evolved into, Immeral conjured another Force Orb in order to extricate Romero from the Evil’s grasp. In a deft maneuver, Romero managed to free himself from the spider’s grasp and make a leap towards the platform where his friends awaited. As Romero grasped the ledge, however, it fell apart, plummeting the thief right in front of Aeon once again. Brave Philip, seeing Romero’s plight, fell upon Aeon in a righteous fury that left the Archdemon stunned. In a last ditch effort, the party threw the best at him, but Aeon had enough. He rendered the bearer of the heart stunned, and made another attempt to take it, but Michel Darkangel was quicker. The Paladin bravely took the Heart and, calling upon the Holy Power of the Source, attempted to temporarily bless the dark artifact. The attempt, however, was too much, and without a second’s hesitation, Aeon ripped the Heart from Darkangel’s grasp. Seeing this, Massack became infuriated and made one last desperate attempt to stop Aeon from claiming the dread Heart of Darkness. But to no avail. Suddenly there was a crackle and the room began to fill and incase itself with pure diamond. The adventurers, bewildered, had no chance to escape from the spell and were encased in a magical stasis for the next 5000 years. What seemed like ages passed and finally they woke up, finding themselves in the same spots they were in but Aeon was gone. They had no idea where he had disappeared to but they knew they had failed.

Upon awakening, a dread feeling of despair washed over the party as their gaze turned to the wreckage of what used to be the Heart Tower. Romero spied the late King’s body and, like any good thief would do, removed many a burden from the poor fellow. The group wasted no more time, however, and soon transversed into a completely lightless room. Within that room was an ominous, searching red eye that seemed almost certain to be a trap. The party stayed back while Romero sneaked forward to investigate, but was met with a simple rock. Having had his patience run out, however, Darkangel strode forward bravely to encounter whatever may be, confident that the Source would guide and protect him. The eye spotted him, and locked gazes with the bold paladin, who squinted as a bright light filled the room and a large window at the side came to life. “GREETINGS, FOOLS,” the ghastly visage of Aeon boomed, “IT HAS BEEN QUITE SOME TIME. HOWEVER I COULD NOT SIMPLY WAIT FOR YOU TO BE RELEASED FROM MY SPELL, SO I HAD ARRANGED FORPROPER ENTERTAINMENT.” Massack bellowed and charged into the room, pointing Litheril at Aeon and cursing the dark God. Aeon seemed not to notice, which struck Immeral as either odd or extremely arrogant (which even the Eldarin couldn’t blame Him for). “YOU WILL NOTICE THAT THE ROOM IS SLOWLY FILLING WITH A SPECIAL GAS THAT I CREATED JUST FOR YOU. IN TIME YOU WILL ALL DIE SLOW, PAINFUL DEATHS, BUT I WOULD BE AMISS IF I WEREN’T TO PROVIDE SUCCULENT HORS D’VOURS FOR YOU ALL. I AM , AFTER ALL, A KIND DIVINITY!” and with a laugh, Aeon faded from the screen as several partitions opened throughout the room, revealing many odd, floating orbs. Darkangel, Philip and Massack eagerly hacked their way through the strange creatures in primal delight. Immeral, momentarily shocked that he could detect no magic from any of these creatures, soon employed alternative methods, launching a barrage of Magic Missles into the shaft of the main mechanism and blowing it apart in one deft volley. The fight did not go without its tolls, as the poison gas continued to fill the room, draining the endurance from our heroes at an alarming rate. Brute strength prevailed, however, as the machines lay in pieces, crackling and sizzling with electricity. After the strange devices were taken care of, it dawned upon Immeral that something was not right, and he turned his thoughts inward as the party broke through the window that had been Aeon’s medium. This revealed more strange mechanisms (and thankfully a door!). Having escaped from the Temple, the party found themselves in the alley of a strange city. Darkened clouds, crackling lightning and odd flying vehicles met their gaze. After five millenia, what had happened to the world they once knew?


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