Lands Together

Season II: Episode 1. The Dwarven Peril, Part Duex

Descending into the dark depths in search of the Dwarves of Shallowdeep, The Heroes of time prepared for any horror that awaited them, come hell or harsh fate. After a short descent down a dangerously old elevator the heroes emerged into an almost ancient system of tunnels. Unshaken by the forboding atmosphere they marched bravely through the tunnel until they came to a split, the tunnel continued on one way while a new tunnel of fancier design proceeded the other. After a short discussion they decided it best to scout the tunnel inlaid with obsidian as to not be caught off guard while walking down the other. Romero bravely volunteered to scout ahead. The tunnel jutted into several turns and side passages, but Romero stuck to the main hall following it down until discovering some unnatural creatures holding a discussion in a strange language. To be continued…



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