Class: Paladin
Alignment: Neutral
Languages: Common/Supernal
Deity: The Raven Queen

HP: 88
Bloodied: 44 Healing Surge: 22 Surges/Day: 12

AC: 25
FORT: 22
REF: 18
WILL: 19


Skills Acro: 9+ Arca: 5 Athl: 8 Bluff: 7 Dipl: 12+ Dung: 7 End: 7 Heal: 7 Hist: 10+ Insi: 57 Inti: 12+ Nat: 12 Percp: 7 Rel: 10+ Stlth: 4 Strtwse: 7 Thie: 4

+2 Glaive of Defense:

The runes on the blade of the polearm glow bright blue whenever it blocks an attack against the wielder.
Enhancement Bonus: Grants +2 to attack and damage rolls on any attack made with it.
Critical Effect: Deals an additional +2d6 of damage on any critical hit.
Defensive Power: Whenever the wielder uses the second wind or total defense actions, this weapon grants her a +2 to AC until the start of her next turn.

+2 Black Iron Plate Armor: Resist 5 fire/necrotic. AC bonus=8

Powers: Valiant Strike, Divine Challenge, Lay on Hands, Holy Strike, Bolstering Strike, Raven Queen’s Blessing, Radiant Smite, Arcing Smite, Resurgent Smite, Paladin’s Judgement, Shackles of Justice, Divine Bodyguard, Font of Healing, Agile Recovery.

Features: CD-Diving Mettle, Raven Queen’s Blessing, CD-Divine Streangth, Divine Challenge, Human Perceverance, Toughness, Ritual Caster


Luna was born in the kingdom of Damara, to a relatively wealthy and established family. Her father had been a 1st class knight of the Damara military force, and personal guard to the royal family. He did not wish for his children to enter the world of battle and war, so he instilled in them a love of the arts, history, literature, music, and philosophy.

Luna’s mother came from a noble family, but her father did not. His road to become a knight was long and difficult, but his undoubted skill and talent could not be ignored for long. When they married, Luna’s mother lost all ties to her family due to her husband’s lack of noble ancestry. This, however, did not bother the couple much because he would soon gain high status and reputation for his military feats, eventually becoming the king’s right hand. At the age of twelve Luna suffered greatly after receiving a letter informing her family that Daniel Silverstar, her father, had tragically died protecting the king from a group of assassins. Luna took it upon herself to watch over her increasingly difficult younger brother, and heartbroken mother.

Luna and her younger brother, Leon, were exceptional students at the Royal Academy of St. Percival. They excelled in all of the major subjects and were well known for their not-so secret love of swordplay. At this early age, Luna began using a glaive for training. The weapon had been a gift from the king, who was very close with her father. The winter her father died, the king visited Luna’s home to show his respects, and gave Luna the finely crafted weapon. To her it seemed more like a piece of art than a tool for death. She discovered with time that the glaive held some magical properties. During times of extreme emotional distress, the weapon seemed to become stronger, almost taking control of Luna’s movements. She knew this sounded crazy, but she suspected the weapon had a basic instinct of protecting its owner at all costs.

In between their lectures, many students gathered in the gardens to see Luna and her brother duel. No serious injuries came from these friendly scrimmages, but professors were used to seeing the two siblings limp to class with some slight bruising on their cheeks. The siblings were admired and loved, but some jealousy was rumored to exist between them. The school held academic and field competitions to test the student’s overall knowledge and magical accomplishments. Luna always placed first in these events, and Leon came in second always in his sister’s shadow. During her last year of studies at St. Percival, Luna was expected to become the first student to win in a maximum of 6 titles, winning every since she became eligible to compete. When Leon unexpectedly defeated Luna in the last leg of the tournament rumors surfaced that he had cheated in order to surpass his older sister. Luna never fed the rumors and insisted that her brother had won fairly; adding that any talk otherwise was slanderous and untrue. However, Leon privately suffered great shame. He became volatile and overly hostile towards the other students, particularly those who spread word about his alleged cheating.

At the age of 17 Luna graduated top of her class and later enrolled in the High Academy, famous for creating the top scholars within the kingdom, and arguably the world. There she would concentrate her studies on ancient languages, history, and theology. The relationship between Luna and her brother soon became distant, and the two would sometimes go months before hearing of the other.

At the High Academy Luna was mentored by the head librarian Master Arndell. She gained access to all of the books contained within the centuries old building, and spent most of her free time wandering the basement looking for old forgotten volumes. She particularly enjoyed the basement because it provided excellent acoustics for when she wanted to play flute.

One evening the academy was attacked. Master Arndell ordered Luna to leave the estate, handing her a black leather bound book with a silver engraving on its cover. Not questioning her master, Luna left and quickly headed home. Once there, she would discover the mortally wounded body of her mother.

The last word Luna heard her mother say came shortly after.


After burying her mother the following morning, Luna was visited by an old friend. Marcus had served with her father in many battles, and after hearing of her mother’s death he felt it was his duty to watch over Luna. She told Marcus of the book she was given to protect and of her mother’s last words. Having always been a second father figure to the young Luna, Marcus placed an arm around her and confessed some old knowledge.

“Your mother was the original guardian of that book. Those men came here expecting her to have it, but years ago, while you and your brother were still young, she approached Master Arndell. She didn’t want to place her children in danger, so she thought it best to hand possession over to someone better capable of protecting it. I fear your brother has joined a group of ill-refute, who seek aggressively to own this book. He has been manipulated… and although you may feel anger, pain, even fury for what he has done, you must understand this was not his doing. His mind has been taken over.”

Luna just stared blankly into the distance, anger growing within her every second she thought of Leon. Marcus continued speaking.

“Above all else, know that this is not your fault. You mother’s blood is in Leon’s hands…”

“And his blood will be in mine.”

Mannerisms and Traits

- Generally quiet. Speaks with purpose and not to chitchat.
- An introverted personality. Never boasts of her accomplishments or feats.
- Past exposure to Eladrins made Luna highly distrustful of the race.
- Moody in the morning, she prefers nighttime when she is highly aware of her surroundings and alert.
- Respectful to all those she meets.
- Admires learned scholars, linguists, and artists.
- Having studied music for years, Luna always carries a flute, which she plays whenever alone.
- Highly protective of children.
- Wears her mother’s wedding earrings in order to remind her of her mission; find her brother and kill him.
- Suffers from arachnophobia and ophidiophobia due to a traumatic event as a child. She refuses to speak of it.


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