Human Paladin Level 1 XP: 0

Combat Statistics:

Hit Points: 32 Damage:

Bloodied: 16

Healing Surge: 8

Surges Per Day: 11

Defenses: AC: 18

Fortitude: 16

Reflex: 12

Will: 15

Basic Attacks:

Greataxe: +6 melee (damage 1d12+4, high crit)

Ability Scores:

Strength: 18 (+4)

Constitution: 12 (+1)

Dexterity: 8 (-1)

Intelligence: 10 (+0)

Wisdom:12 (+1)

Charisma: 16 (+3)


Worship in the light and always fight the darkness… Always quick to fight, Darkangel is a Paladin warrior who, unlike his brothers, always carried an axe. His brothers Jacob and Christopher carried large swords trained from small children the three always stuck together until one faithful day… The three Brothers set to explore the land only to be met by evil and despair… Both Darkangel’s brothers were killed while defending a church from a large group of Aeon’s minions. The church dedicated to the source! With the holy symbol attained from that church he was blessed by the source to purify the lands of the earth and destroy all evil where it hides!!! In remembrance of his brothers he marks his enemy with holy vengeance!!!

Darkangel one day stumbled upon the legend of the armor of the source. The armor was supposedly created to protect the one who wares it with incredible resolve. Some believed the armor was created for one person to defend the realm and destroy all evil hearted beings. Many miles lay were crossed though mountains Dark forests and badlands. During his travels he met a human barbarian named Massack and a wizard named Immeral in the Black swamps. The three adventures met while smiting the foul zombie demon spawn of the swamp mist. The zombie army stood to be no match for the might of the three warriors. After the battle Immeral and Massack spoke of an evil that can destroy the very universe. After thinking hard about the situation Darkangel blessed his new friends with healing hands and vowed to meet again to join forces and destroy the evil that threatens all things.

Darkangel continued on his quest to find the armor of the source. The many days of travel have paid off, the entrance to the holy sanctum of the resting place of the armor was in sight and there was nothing to stand in Darkangels way. When inside he found himself in front of an alter with the armor floating in front of him shimmering in a perpetual light. As Darkangel reaches for the armor a loud surprising sound came from behind him… It was a guardian a large human like creature but standing ten feet tall. It spoke out in a deep voice “you must pass the test of faith and strength to attain the breast plate of the source”… Darkangel agreed to the contest. The challenge was a battle to the death. Darkangel always ready to take on the enemy, did not believe this monster to have a evil heart until he got a better look at him. On this creatures face lay several curse marks and eyes black as the night, on his armor was smeared blood from fallen heroes and in his hand a head of the last victim he killed only moments ago… Darkangel, takes his ax and prepares to send the creature into the darkness of his DOOM. The battle lasts for hours both hero and villain exchange blows that would destroy the very soul of a normal being. The battle ended in one final desperate move by Darkangel, he unleashed the holy symbols power and destroyed the creature sending his soul into eternal darkness.

Finally the armor was now in the hands of Darkangel, he could feel its embrace around his body. Then with out even thinking he started running, running towards the one thing that can cause the destruction of all things. Aeon. The lord of all darkness, his heart lies in wait to be slain in the heart chamber of the labyrinth…


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