Giles is not what she seems. For starters, that’s not even her real name. She was born to an Eladrin clock maker of the name Arranis. Giles is the name of his father, a rogue of extraordinary talent. He was the self-proclaimed king of thieves. Although Arranis was not ashamed of his father, for he did not force the same path on his son, he did not approve of his teaching the arts of thievery to his young daughter Athene.

Athene was as skilled, if not more, than Giles.Seeing this, Arranis continued to train her in skills a woman would find useful. He occupied her with clock making and watch making, but alas, her joy she found in following in her grandfather’s footsteps was too much. It wasn’t until he disappeared for a long time that she truly gave up her roguish ways, or so it seemed. She grew to enjoy clock-making, but never stopped her thieves training. She was growing into a beautiful woman, and her father was proud of this, until the day she was caught. She had tried to pick the pocket of the wrong person and although she tried to bluff her way out, it was to no avail. The timely return of her grandfather ensured her escape from a fate worse than death, but not when she returned home. Her father’s scolding was deterred by the realization that Giles had returned mortally wounded.

Upon his deathbed, he told Athene the secret of where he had been. He had been amongst those who assembled to prevent the ascension of Aeon to the throne and was the only one to walk out. Knowing what their failure meant, he asked her to warn those of what was to come. With his last dying breath, he asked her not to avenge his death, but should she try, he gave her his most prized possession. He removed the hat atop his head and placed it on hers. She knew of its power from the stories and exhibition he had shown her as young girl. “Use it’s power to shield yourself. It is your greatest ally. The hat’s power is my greatest gift I can give you. I know you will use it to honor me well.”

Arranis knew he could not stop his daughter from doing just as Giles had said. With what little money he could give, she set out to find others who believed in her cause. She took on many jobs along the way, honing her skills as well as filling her purse. Upon meeting a fellow thief, Romero, she worked with him on a few jobs, eventually forming a mutual partnership that prevented the unnecessary death that would follow. It wasn’t until years, her original quest still unfulfilled, that she had a vision. Her grandfather Giles appeared before her, telling her the time was right to strike down Aeon. Romero had a similar dream and with new resolve, they knew what they must do.

(I may add a bit in relating to Jim, but until then, thats my story -Stef.)


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