Party Policies

I wanted to make a page where we (the PCs) could make some guidelines so that there won’t be any confusion about things like treasure and stuff (for instance, Tom could put down “50% of my share goes to Jim”). Just something I thought up, but if you guys don’t think we need it, that’s up to you. – Nick

If I might suggest some policy on setting up party policy, you should post a policy, add your name to the end and put (suggested) at the end of your name. As people read it they can agree to it or suggest alterations. If you agree add your name after the poster’s name. Once a majority has voted It either gets accepted or vetod. If accepted the (suggested) will be removed. I will give an example.

“Ownership of none mundane loot will be decided on a need before greed basis and in the event that two or more people will benefit from the item the rest of the group present at that game will vote.” – Tom (suggested)

“No blatant stupidity shall be role played in-game resulting in time wasted at the table. Ex; ‘I go find the flower girl. I go find her again. again. again. again.’ Ex; ‘I charge blindedly into the room. A monster with 400hp? I’m level 1, i can take it!’” -Jim, Tom (suggested)

Party Policies

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